5 Essentials for Winter Dressing

As someone well acquainted with winter, who hates being cold, and has moved past her teenage phase of not-dressing-for-the-weather, let me tell you 5 essential items you need to stay warm in the winter.

Warms Socks

Our feet are literally designed to tap out first once it gets cold. When your body restricts the majority of our blood to protect our vital organs our feet are the first to suffer. This is a problem, not only because of the fear of pulling off our socks after a long walk outside and realizing we're missing a toe, but it's widely believed that wearing socks during sleep and during sex can increase your satisfaction.

And those are the best things in life.

When looking for warm socks you generally want wool socks, that come up past your ankle.

Waterproof Boots

As previously stated, if your feet get cold, it's over. And the fastest way to get something cold is to get it wet first. So shell out a little more, and suffer a little on the style front. On that note, allow me to emphasize "boot"; it should cover your ankles. If your pants get wet at the foot from the snow, it'll make you colder. And if you're wearing jeans, they'll most likely stay wet for the rest of the day. Taller boots are even better (think riding boots or over-the-knee boots) as they keep more of your leg warm!

I actually usually just wear a pair of Chelsea rain boots with warm socks underneath and that does the trick for short walks or anything warmer than about -15 C.

Inner Layers

Have you ever seen a baby penguin? If you have, you probably remember how soft and fuzzy they look, right? If I had the fuzzy feathers of a baby penguin, then I would never get cold! What about a baby bird? Not the small feathered ones; I'm talking fresh outta' the egg birds. They look like weird pink dinosaurs! They slowly grow soft, fuzzy feathers, similar to the penguins, and then, finally, they get their adult feathers!

My point is, we're the pink dinosaur birds, so when we want to go outside we have to bundle up, starting from our soft and warm inside layers. The fuzzy feathers of the baby birds trap air which warms up due to proximity with the skin. This creates an insulating layer of warm air. Thermal inner layers work exactly the same way, and are a must for cold weather!

Windproof Coat

Do you know why they sometimes give two temperatures? "Currently, it's minus 2, and minus 8 with the wind-chill." The wind can quickly decrease the temperature, and there's nothing worse than feeling cold wind biting through your coat. There's no need! We literally have the technology to create garments that protect us from the wind. Why don't we use them? It's craziness!

Bonus tip: the longer your coat, the warmer your legs will be!

Hand, Face, and Ear Coverings

This is a double whammy. Hands, nose, ears, just like your feet your body finds these to be indispensable. Where's the double? These are all tiny, nubby bits that stick out and are surrounded by cold air! It's hard to forget to wear socks, but they're just as important as covering your fingers, faces, and ears as well as you can.

A big, warm scarf, a hat that covers your ears (or earmuffs) and a pair of gloves and/or mittens is strongly recommended.



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