5 Jewelry Trends to Shop This Christmas

Jewelry is a lovely gift for the special someone in your life and since the holiday season is upon us I’ve sifted through the trove of online sites to bring you some of the best pieces out there. I’ve organized them into 5 categories based on current trends.

All of the stores listed in this article create their jewelry sustainably and ethically so you can feel good about what you’re wearing. I used this guide which was put together by Shelbi, who runs a blog and youTube channel about sustainability!

Hoop Earrings

While hoop earrings have arguably been in fashion for longer amongst some communities, they’ve been gaining traction in mainstream media for several years now and I reckon they’re here to stay. The earrings I picked range from dainty, classic hoops to bold, statement ones. There’s something here for everyone.

Pendo Organic Horn Hoop Earrings

from SOKO

This pair is the diva of the bunch. They are loud and sassy; make sure this is your darlings style before you scoop these up. A fun fact about these is that they’re made with horns which are sourced ethically, and since they’re natural no pair is the same!

from Ana Luisa

Christmas is a good time to give someone a good quality, basic piece of jewelry that will go with everything. Splurging on basics is becoming more common, but it’s nice to have someone else treat you as we might not want to treat ourselves.

Conch Hoop Earring

from Wild Fawn Jewelry

I think this looks so pretty and would be a nice gift paired with getting the piercing done by a professional.

Large Leen Hoops from Baleen

This would be a good gift for someone who loves bigger earrings. These are super classic and will go with anything and this pair is made really well and will last a long time.

Moon Gazer Gemstone Point Hoops from Elizabeth Stone Jewelry

I think these are super fun and I think any girl who likes big exciting earrings will love these as well. They have a really festival, bohemian, witchy vibe that is super cute.


Pendants, especially coins, are starting to show up more and more; most often layered with other necklaces. All of these necklaces would look good on their own, or paired with another.

Delicate Sabi Necklace from SOKO

The shape of this pendant keeps it interesting, and I think this is a great length for a necklace.

Clara Necklace from Ana Luisa

The pendant on this dainty necklace looks pretty without any meaning attached, but this would be an especially great gift for anyone with a Christian affiliation.

Cache Necklace Small from Baleen

This is another natural-looking pendant. The website also has this necklace in different lengths if you know someone prefers longer necklaces.

Wildflower Pendant from Claus

This is the prettiest necklace I have ever seen so I can overlook the price tag. If you have a larger budget, this delicate but well-made necklace may be perfect for your loved one.

Ray of Moonlight Enamel Pendant from Elizabeth Stone Jewelry

This is the most attention-seeking pendant on the list and it’s absolutely stunning. The design on the front will catch the light beautifully.

Stacking Rings

Stacking rings is such a pretty trend. Decorating our hands comes up again and again in human culture, and this is another iteration.

Thin Hammered Band from Nisolo

Super pretty and simple. The hammered texture adds interest. Unfortunately, they only ship to the US!

Olivia Gold from Ana Luisa

I’ve never seen a ring like this before but I love it. It’s definitely unique but it’s simple enough to be worn every day.

Twist Stacked Rings

from SOKO

This is great because you get a set of good quality rings. I love the twist detail on the tops as it will catch light in interesting ways.

Ballerina Ring

from Baleen

This is such a cute ring that adds interest. I like that the pearl is on the side rather than on top so it won’t be in the way as much as a more traditional ring.

Diamond Charm Ring

from Elizabeth Stone Jewelry

This ring is super pretty and the charm makes it unique. I think it has a touch of magical, bohemian -ish to it and so it’s a yes from me.

Simple Bracelets

The bracelets will look good stacked with other bracelets, paired with a watch, and even on their own!

Tiny Brass Bead Bracelet From Nisolo

Very minimalist bracelet that would be perfect for everyday wear.

Darling Bracelet

from Purpose Jewelry

Normally I avoid hearts on jewelry as they come off as tacky more often than not, but this chain of hearts is super subtle and simple.

Diamond Bezel Bracelet from Aurate

I like the one diamond simplicity of this bracelet. This would be a great gift that would last a long time; it's very well made, as it should be considering the price tag!

Gemstone Starburst Bracelet from

Elizabeth Stone Jewelry

This bracelet makes more of a statement than the others. As it should, since the design is stunning. My favourite part is the unique, easy-to-use closure!

Geometric Shapes

This trend is one of my favorites, and these pieces all execute it very well.

Mini Heart Stud Earrings From Ana Luisa

These simple heart earrings get my stamp of approval for being pretty in a subtle way. These would be perfect for everyday wear.

June Necklace from Purpose Jewelry

The tiny bar on this necklace is very subtle, but it easily elevates this necklace from a simple chain.

Hammered Circle Earring

from Wild Fawn Jewelry

The light will hit these in a really pretty way, and the unique shape will draw lots of (positive) attention! These would be another great pair for every day.

Crescent Stud from Baleen

These super shiny studs will reflect lots of light and draw attention to their interesting shape!

Mod Bar Gem Studs

from Elizabeth Stone Jewelry

This is a different way of combining metal with gem and I am here for it! Also, opal is one of the PRETTIEST gems so these get an extra star for that.

So, thanks for reading and happy Christmas shopping!



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