6 Gift Ideas for Young Couples

If you find yourself struggling to come up with a gift for a young adult couple (or even just singular young adult) you've come to the right place! The first three ideas are some of the most useful kitchen appliances you can buy right now, while the last three are a little more fun and unique!


My parents have a beast of a griddle that's older than me and I always make a point to use it when I visit! If you've never made pancakes or bacon on a griddle, you are missing out. The first time I saw someone make pancakes in a frying pan I was so confused... the griddle just works so much better!

There are a ton of uses for a griddle beyond pancakes that I haven't even touched on. I think a good griddle would be an awesome kitchen appliance that will last a long time and get a lot of use. It's definitely on my list this year!

This one on Amazon has lots of good reviews.

This one is a bit pricier but it's HUGE. It would be great for someone planning on having a big family or anyone who can eat a lot.


The crockpot is a classic gift for young couples for decades; the crockpot has been around since the 40s. For good reason; this kitchen appliance makes cooking dinner a breeze. It requires very little active time which is great for busy people. Furthermore, cooking with the crockpot is very simple and hard to mess up, so it's awesome for kitchen novices.

The best way to gift a crockpot would be with a bunch of crockpot recipes you know the couple will love. And don't think you're limited to soups or casseroles; you can find a recipe to make everything from ribs to cakes. Stay tuned for more posts about crockpot recipes, and check out our Pinterest. I spent a ton of time looking at crockpots Amazon, and these were my favorites:

This crockpot has an all-black design that looks super cool and wouldn't be a sore thumb on a countertop.

This crockpot which has a place for a thermometer is absolutely ground-breaking. I wish I had seen this before I got mine!

This Disney Pixar crockpot is super cute.

This massive crockpot for meal prep would be great for big families.

Instant Pot

It seems today as if everyone is getting an Instant Pot. It's essentially a multipurpose electric pressure cooker. Unlike other pressure cookers, the instant pot is programmable. It can function as a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, and of course pressure cooker. A pressure cooker does most of what a slow cooker does, but much faster. Like a crockpot, an instant pot requires very little active cooking time.

Since Instant Pots are currently very popular, most people are already considering getting one for themselves. There are also lots of new recipes coming out all the time so there is lots of inspiration to be found. The biggest drawback is the cost, but it may be forgivable considering all the functions of the Instant Pot.

This teal color instant pot is super cute and it also comes in a standard black which meshes better into most kitchens!

Household Gift Cards

Sometimes a simple gift is the best thing we can receive; it's little things like new socks that we continue to appreciate. Gifts that are on the edge of being practical and being a luxury are great since we often won't want to buy it ourselves, but we've been considering it for a while and it would improve our quality of life just a little bit. An easy way to gift this is a gift card such as for Amazon or Walmart.

You can email an Amazon E-Card or there are Amazon Physical Cards if you prefer

Date Night Gift Cards

Many couples find themselves so wrapped up in their other priorities that they neglect their relationship. A lovely gift then is one that reminds them to take time to be together. A gift card for their favorite restaurants or the movies makes date night easier.


Gifting experiences is becoming more common. Sometimes, well-meaning gifts accumulate in our homes and, even though we don't use them often and they're causing clutter, we feel an obligation to keep the item because of the gift it represents. One thing you can do for a young couple, who likely lives in a smaller space, it to skip this issue by getting them something that won't take up physical space, and that they will get enjoyment from.

Concert / festival tickets

If their favorite band is coming in the next year, or if there's a summer music festival they're interested in, you could grab a pair of tickets in advance. Plus, you'll likely get the advantage of early bird pricing.

Food tour

If your gift is for a foodie, consider checking if there are any food tours in your city. Most cities have wine or beer sampling, as well as sampling tours in areas with lots of unique restaurants.


If you're looking for a big gift, an all-inclusive cruise might be what you're looking for. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't want to spend 5-10 days relaxing while also traveling to different places. Some cruises are even marketed as "party cruises" if you're looking for something for an outgoing couple.

Yearly Memberships

A lot of places like museums, art galleries, and zoos offer yearly memberships that can be bought as gifts. These are places that many of us would love to visit more often but the admission prices are often daunting. A membership will let you visit again and again.

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