How to Love Vegetables and Eat More

Most “easy diets” advise you to eat more vegetables and less junk food. Sounds easy, right! Right? Unfortunately, a lot of people grew up hating vegetables! But it's very likely that this is because of the foods you grew up eating! If you understand the cause of your dislike, you can figure out how to get over that challenge.

Understand Why We Sometimes Hate Vegetables

If you’re used to eating processed, frozen foods, the different textures and tastes of fresh vegetables may be unpleasant to you. Our processed foods in North America are chock full of corn syrup which makes us used to sweet foods, so of course, broccoli tastes bitter!

Another hurdle to liking vegetables is that a lot of people don’t know how to cook vegetables. Especially in North America! If your parents or grandparents grew up somewhere that doesn’t grow vegetables year-round, they likely spent a lot of time eating everything except vegetables! And when they did eat vegetables they probably came in a can or jar. All of this creates adults who don’t know how to cook vegetables; even steak can taste bad if it’s cooked poorly.

Change What You Eat

Do you ever notice how disappointingly unsweet a donut tastes after a sip of a sweet-ish coffee? A lot of our diets are full of foods that drown out the natural flavors of vegetables. If you decrease the amount of processed food you eat, you'll eventually adapt and become more sensitive to the subtle flavors in vegetables. This one is a long-game tip; you won't wake up craving brussel sprouts just because you didn't have your nightly bowl of ice cream before bed!

Get the Freshest You Can

This is soooo important to the quality of the final products you end up eating. It's pretty hard to make canned green beans taste good, and it's almost equally as hard to make broccoli that's been sitting in a warehouse taste good. Learning the signs of fresh vegetables versus aged ones will help you pick out the best produce while shopping, which means the food you cook will taste more fresh and yummy.

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Learn to Cook Them

This sentiment is surely becoming more popular and that’s because everyone who tries it knows it’s true! The taste of vegetables can vary wildly depending on how you cook them!

Using a vegetable steaming pot means your vegetables don't get as mushy as when you boil them. Another easy vegetable cooking method is to throw them in any oven safe dish coat them with a splash of olive oil, salt, and pepper, and then roast them; this is veryy similar to how you fry vegetables, too. The exact times depend on the vegetables you're making and how big they're cut.

Learn Other Cuisines

The general categories of cuisines that could be considered “Western” “European” and “American” have something notable in common: they don’t feature a lot of vegetables!! Especially compared to Asian cuisines. Perhaps trying vegetables as new dishes from another cuisine would help you appreciate them?

Final Thoughts

Let me know if you try any of these tips, and let me know if you have any of your own!

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